Ciro Cattuto

Scientific Director

ISI Foundation

Fields of study:
Measure and modeling of complex phenomena in technological and social systems


Association of close-range contact patterns with SARS-CoV-2: a household transmission study

J. Kleynhans, L. Dall'Amico, L. E. Gauvin, M. Tizzoni, L. Maloma, S. Walaza, N. A. Martinson, A. Von Gottberg, N. Wolter, M. Makhasi, C. Cohen, C. Cattuto, S. Tempia
eLife 12:e84753 (2023)

Strengths and limitations of relative wealth indices derived from big data in Indonesia

D. Sartirano, K. Kalimeri, C. Cattuto, E. Delamónica, M. Garcia-Herranz, A. Mockler, D. Paolotti, R. Schifanella
Frontiers in Big Data 6 (2023)

Potential role of biologgers to automate detection of lame ewes and lambs

K. E. Lewis, E. Price, D. P. Croft, L. E. Green, L. Ozella, C. Cattuto, J. Langford
Applied Animal Behaviour Science 259 (2023)

Social behaviour and transmission of lameness in a flock of ewes and lambs

K. E. Lewis, E. Price, D. P. Croft, J. Langford, L. Ozella, C. Cattuto, L. E. Green
Frontiers in Veterinary Science 9:1027020 (2022)

Psychotropic drug purchases during the COVID‑19 pandemic in Italy and their relationship with mobility restrictions

F. Marazzi, A. Piano Mortari, F. Belotti, G. Carrà, C. Cattuto, J. Kopinska, D. Paolotti, V. Atella
Scientific Reports 12, 19336 (2022)

Association networks and social temporal dynamics in ewes and lambs

L. Ozella, E. Price, J. Langford, K. E. Lewis, C. Cattuto, D. P. Croft
Applied Animal Behaviour Science 246 / 105515 (2022)

Interplay between mobility, multi-seeding and lockdowns shapes COVID-19 local impact

M. Mazzoli, E. Pepe, D. Mateo, C. Cattuto, L. E. Gauvin, P. Bajardi, M. Tizzoni, A. Hernando, S. Meloni, J. J. Ramasco
PLoS Computational Biology 17(10): e1009326 (2021)

Using wearable proximity sensors to characterize social contact patterns in a village of rural Malawi

L. Ozella, D. Paolotti, G. Lichand, J. P. Rodríguez, S. Haenni, J. Phuka, O. L. Neto, C. Cattuto
EPJ Data Science 10:46 (2021)

Spatial and temporal variation in proximity networks of commercial dairy cattle in Great Britain

H. R. Fielding, M. J. Silk, T. J. McKinley, R. J. Delahay, J. K. Wilson-Aggarwal, L. E. Gauvin, L. Ozella, C. Cattuto, R. A. McDonald
Book: Preventive Veterinary Medicine 194/105443 (2021)

Early social distancing policies in Europe, changes in mobility & COVID-19 case trajectories: Insights from Spring 2020

L. R. Woskie, J. Hennessy, V. Espinosa, T. C. Tsai, S. Vispute, B. H. Jacobson, C. Cattuto, L. E. Gauvin, M. Tizzoni, A. Fabrikant, A. Boulanger, A. Pearce, C. Kamath, A. Schlosberg, C. Stanton, S. Bavadekar, M. Abueg, M. Hogue, A. Oplinger, K. Chou, G. Corrado, T. Shekel, A. K. Jha, G. A. Wellenius, E. Gabrilovich
Plos One 16(6):e0253071 (2021)

Effect of manual and digital contact tracing on COVID-19 outbreaks: a study on empirical contact data

A. Barrat, C. Cattuto, M. Kivela, S. Lehmann, J. Saramäki
Journal of the Royal Society Interface 18: 20201000 (2021)

Digital proximity tracing on empirical contact networks for pandemic control

G. Cencetti, G. Santin, A. Longa, E. Pigani, A. Barrat, C. Cattuto, S. Lehmann, M. Salathé, B. Lepri
Nature Communications 12, 1655 (2021)

Combining Wearable Devices and Mobile Surveys to Study Child and Youth Development in Malawi: Implementation Study of a Multimodal Approach

O. L. Neto, S. Haenni, J. Phuka, L. Ozella, D. Paolotti, C. Cattuto, D. Robles, G. Lichand
JMIR Public Health and Surveillance 7 (3), e23154 (2021)

Time to evaluate COVID-19 contact-tracing apps

V. Colizza, E. Grill, R. Mikolajczyk, C. Cattuto, A. Kucharski, S. Riley, M. Kendall, K. Lythgoe, D. Bonsall, C. Wymant, L. Abeler-Dörner, L. Ferretti, C. Fraser
Nature Medicine (2021)

Give more data, awareness and control to individual citizens, and they will help COVID-19 containment

M. Nanni, G. Andrienko, M. Nanni, A. Barabási, C. Boldrini, F. Bonchi, C. Cattuto, F. Chiaromonte, G. Comandé, M. Conti, M. Coté, V. Dignum, J. Domingo-Ferrer, P. Ferragina, F. Giannotti, R. Guidotti, D. Helbing, K. Kaski, J. Kertesz, S. Lehmann, B. Lepri, P. Lukowicz, S. Matwin, D. MegíasJiménez, A. Monreale, K. Morik, N. Oliver, A. Passarella, A. Passerini, D. Pedreschi, A. Pentland, F. Pianesi, F. Pratesi, S. Rinzivillo, S. Ruggieri, A. Siebes, V. Torra, R. Trasarti, J. van den Hoven, A. Vespignani
Ethics and Information Technology (2021)

Span-core Decomposition for Temporal Networks: Algorithms and Applications

E. Galimberti, M. Ciaperoni, A. Barrat, F. Bonchi, C. Cattuto, F. Gullo
ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data 15 (1) (2020)

Young Adult Unemployment Through the Lens of Social Media: Italy as a Case Study

A. Urbinati, K. Kalimeri, A. Bonanomi, A. Rosina, C. Cattuto, D. Paolotti
Proceeding SocInfo 2020: Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series LNCS, Vol. 12467 (2020)

Relevance of temporal cores for epidemic spread in temporal networks

M. Ciaperoni, E. Galimberti, F. Bonchi, C. Cattuto, F. Gullo, A. Barrat
Scientific Reports 10:12529 (2020)

Gender gaps in urban mobility

L. E. Gauvin, M. Tizzoni, S. Piaggesi, A. Young, N. Adler, S. G. Verhulst, L. Ferres, C. Cattuto
Humanities and Social Sciences Communications 7/11 (2020)

Mobile phone data for informing public health actions across the COVID-19 pandemic life cycle

N. Oliver, B. Lepri, H. Sterly, R. Lambiotte, S. Delataille, M. De Nadai, E. Letouzé, A. Ali Salah, R. Benjamins, C. Cattuto, V. Colizza, N. De Cordes, S. P. Fraiberger, T. Koebe, S. Lehmann, J. Murillo, A. Pentland, P. N. Pham, F. Pivetta, J. Saramäki, S. Scarpino, M. Tizzoni, S. Verhulst, P. Vinck
Science Advances 6, 23 (2020)

The effect of age, environment and management on social contact patterns in sheep

L. Ozella, J. Langford, L. E. Gauvin, E. Price, C. Cattuto, D. P. Croft
Applied Animal Behaviour Science 225, 104964 (2020)

Predicting City Poverty Using Satellite Imagery

S. Piaggesi, L. E. Gauvin, M. Tizzoni, C. Cattuto, N. Adler, S. Verhulst, A. Young, R. Price, L. Ferres, A. Panisson
In Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshops (2019)

High-resolution contact networks of free-ranging domestic dogs Canis familiaris and implications for transmission of infection

J. K. Wilson-Aggarwal, L. Ozella, M. Tizzoni, C. Cattuto, G. J.F. Swan, T. Moundai, M. J. Silk, J. A. Zingeser, R. A. McDonald
Plos Neglected Tropical Diseases 13(7): e0007565 (2019)

Human Values and Attitudes towards Vaccination in Social Media

K. Kalimeri, M. Beiró, A. Urbinati, A. Bonanomi, A. Rosina, C. Cattuto
Proceeding WWW '19 Companion Proceedings of The 2019 World Wide Web Conference (2019)

Wearable Proximity Sensors for Monitoring a Mass Casualty Incident Exercise: Feasibility Study

L. Ozella, L. E. Gauvin, L. Carenzo, M. Quaggiotto, P. L. Ingrassia, M. Tizzoni, A. Panisson, D. Colombo, A. Sapienza, K. Kalimeri, F. Della Corte, C. Cattuto
Journal of Medical Internet Research 21, 4 e12251 (2019)

Unsupervised extraction of epidemic syndromes from participatory influenza surveillance self-reported symptoms

K. Kalimeri, M. Delfino, C. Cattuto, D. Perrotta, V. Colizza, C. Guerrisi, C. Turbelin, J. Duggan, J. Edmunds, C. Obi, R. Peabody, A. Franco, Y. Moreno, S. Meloni, C. Koppeschaar, C. Kjelsø, R. Mexia, D. Paolotti
PLOS Computational Biology 15(4): e1006173 (2019)

How Search Engine Data Enhance the Understanding of Determinants of Suicide in India and Inform Prevention: Observational Study

N. Adler, C. Cattuto, K. Kalimeri, D. Paolotti, M. Tizzoni, S. Verhulst, E. Yom-Tov, A. Young
Journal of Medical Internet Research 21(1): e10179 (2019)

Mining (maximal) span-cores from temporal networks

E. Galimberti, C. Cattuto, A. Barrat, F. Gullo, F. Bonchi
CIKM2018 (2018)

Shopping mall attraction and social mixing at a city scale

M. Beiró, L. Bravo, D. Caro, C. Cattuto, L. Ferres, E. Graells-Garrido
EPJ Data Science 7:28 (2018)

Close encounters between infants and household members measured through wearable proximity sensors

L. Ozella, F. Gesualdo, M. Tizzoni, C. Rizzo, E. Pandolfi, I. Campagna, A. E. Tozzi, C. Cattuto
Plos One 13(6):e0198733 (2018)

Robust Modeling of Human Contact Networks Across Different Scales and Proximity-Sensing Techniques

M. Starnini, B. Lepri, A. Baronchelli, A. Barrat, C. Cattuto, R. Pastor-Satorras
International Conference on Social Informatics SocInfo 2017: Social Informatics (2017)

Understanding Youth Unemployment in Italy via Social Media Data

A. Bonanomi, A. Rosina, C. Cattuto, K. Kalimeri
International Population Conference (2017)

Predicting human mobility through the assimilation of social media traces into mobility models

M. Beiró, A. Panisson, M. Tizzoni, C. Cattuto
EPJ Data Science — doi:10.1140/epjds/s13688-016-0092-2 (2016)

School closure policies at municipality level for mitigating influenza spread: a model-based evaluation

C. Ciavarella, L. Fumanelli, S. Merler, C. Cattuto, M. Ajelli
BMC Infectious Diseases — doi:10.1186/s12879-016-1918-z (2016)

Contact diaries versus wearable proximity sensors in measuring contact patterns at a conference: method comparison and participants’ attitudes

T. Smieszek, S. Castell, A. Barrat, C. Cattuto, P. J. White, G. Krause
BMC Infectious Diseases — doi:10.1186/s12879-016-1676-y (2016)

Quantifying social contacts in a household setting of rural Kenya using wearable proximity sensors

M. Kiti, M. Tizzoni, T. M. Kinyanjui, D. C. Koech, P. K. Munywoki, M. Meriac, L. Cappa, A. Panisson, A. Barrat, C. Cattuto, J. Nokes
EPJ Data Science 20165:21 (2016)

Detecting Anomalies in Time-Varying Networks Using Tensor Decomposition

A. Sapienza, A. Panisson, J. Wu, L. E. Gauvin, C. Cattuto
2015 IEEE International Conf. on Data Mining Workshop (ICDMW) (2015)

Anomaly Detection in Temporal Graph Data: An Iterative Tensor Decomposition and Masking Approach

A. Sapienza, A. Panisson, J. Wu, L. E. Gauvin, C. Cattuto
Proceedings of AALTD 117 (2015)

Combining High-Resolution Contact Data with Virological Data to Investigate Influenza Transmission in a Tertiary Care Hospital

N. Voirin, C. Payet, A. Barrat, C. Cattuto, N. Khanafer, C. Régis, B. Kim, B. Comte, J. Casalegno, B. Lina, P. Vanhems
Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology (2015)

Mining Concurrent Topical Activity in Microblog Streams

Proceedings of the 4th workshop on \'Making Sense of Microposts\', World Wide Web Conference 2014 (2014)

O023: Combining electronic contacts data and virological data for studying the transmission of infections at hospital

C. Payet, A. Barrat, C. Cattuto, C. Régis, N. Khanafer, J. Pinton, B. Kim, B. Comte, B. Lina, P. Vanhems, N. Voirin
Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection Control 2:O23 (2013)

Time-varying social networks in a graph database: a Neo4j use case

A. Averbuch, C. Cattuto, A. Panisson, M. Quaggiotto
Proceeding GRADES \'13 First International Workshop on Graph Data Management Experiences and Systems Article No. 11 (2013)

Gender homophily from spatial behavior in a primary school: A sociometric study

J. Stehlé, F. Charbonnier, T. Picard, C. Cattuto, A. Barrat
Social Networks 35,4 (2013)

Immunization strategies for epidemic processes in time-varying contact networks

M. Starnini, T. Picard, A. Machens, C. Cattuto, A. Barrat, R. Pastor-Satorras
Journal of Theoretical Biology 337 (2013)

Empirical temporal networks of face-to-face human interactions

A. Barrat, M. Nornberg, C. Cattuto, V. Colizza, F. Gesualdo, L. Isella, E. Pandolfi, J. Pinton, L. Ravà, C. Rizzo, M. Romano, J. Stehlé, A. E. Tozzi, W. Van den Broeck
EPJ Special Topics 222(6) (2013)

Fingerprinting temporal networks of close-range human proximity

A. Panisson, L. E. Gauvin, A. Barrat, C. Cattuto
Proceedings of the International Workshop on the Impact of Human Mobility in Pervasive Systems and Applications (San Diego) (2013)

Estimating potential infection transmission routes in hospital wards using wearable proximity sensors

P. Vanhems, A. Barrat, C. Cattuto, J. Pinton, N. Khanafer, C. Régis, B. Kim, B. Comte, N. Voirin
PLoS ONE 8(9) (2013)

New Insights and Methods for Predicting Face-to-Face Contacts

C. Scholz, M. Atzmueller, G. Stumme, A. Barrat, C. Cattuto
International Conference of Weblogs and Social Media (ICWSM-13) (2013)

Wearable sensor networks for measuring face-to-face contact patterns in healthcare settings

A. Barrat, C. Cattuto, V. Colizza, L. Isella, C. Rizzo, A. E. Tozzi, W. Van den Broeck
Proceedings of the eHealth 2010 Conference Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering 69 (2012)

Friendship prediction and homophily in social media

L. M. Aiello, A. Barrat, R. Schifanella, C. Cattuto, B. Markines, F. Menczer
ACM Transactions on the Web volume 6(2), article 9 (2012)

On the dynamics of human proximity for data diffusion in ad-hoc networks

A. Panisson, A. Barrat, C. Cattuto, W. Van den Broeck, G. Ruffo, R. Schifanella
Ad Hoc Networks 10, 9 (2012)

Digital Epidemiology

M. Salathé, L. Bengtsson, T. J. Bodnar, D. D. Brewer, J. S. Brownstein, C. Buckee, E. Campbell, C. Cattuto, S. Khandelwal, P. Mabry, A. Vespignani
PLoS Computational Biology 8(7) (2012)

Dynamical classes of Collective Attention in Twitter

J. Lehmann.., B. Gonçalves, J. J. Ramasco, C. Cattuto
Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on World Wide Web WWW2012 (2012)

Close encounters in a pediatric ward: measuring face-to-face proximity and mixing patterns with wearable radio frequency devices

W. Van den Broeck, V. Colizza, L. Ravà, L. Isella, F. Gesualdo, E. Pandolfi, C. Cattuto, A. E. Tozzi, A. Barrat, M. Romano, C. Rizzo
PLoS ONE 6(2), e17144 (2011)

What\' s in a crowd? Analysis of face-to-face behavioral networks

L. Isella, J. Stehlé, A. Barrat, C. Cattuto, J. Pinton, W. Van den Broeck
Journal of Theoretical Biology 271 (2011)

High-Resolution Measurements of Face-to-Face Contact Patterns in a Primary School

J. Stehlé, N. Voirin, A. Barrat, C. Cattuto, L. Isella, J. Pinton, M. Quaggiotto, W. Van den Broeck, C. Régis, B. Lina, P. Vanhems
PLoS ONE 6(8), e23176 (2011)

Simulation of an SIR infectious disease model on the dynamic contact network of conference attendees

J. Stehlé, N. Voirin, A. Barrat, C. Cattuto, V. Colizza, L. Isella, C. Régis, J. Pinton, N. Khanafer, W. Van den Broeck, P. Vanhems
BMC Medicine 9 (2011)

Folks in folksonomies: Social link prediction from shared metadata

R. Schifanella, A. Barrat, C. Cattuto, B. Markines, F. Menczer
Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Web Search and Web (2010)

Semantics, Sensors, and the Social Web: The Live Social Semantics experiments

M. Szomszor, C. Cattuto, W. Van den Broeck, A. Barrat, H. Alani
Proceedings of the 7th Extended Semantic Web Conference ESWC10 Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6089 (2010)

Link creation and profile alignment in the aNobii social network

L. M. Aiello, A. Barrat, C. Cattuto, G. Ruffo, R. Schifanella
Proceedings of the Second IEEE International Conference on Social Computing SocialCom 2010, Minneapolis, USA, August 20-22, 2010 (2010)

The Live Social Semantics application: a platform for integrating face-to-face presence with on-line social networking

G. Correndo, H. Alani, A. Barrat, C. Cattuto, W. Van den Broeck, M. Szomszor
Proceedings of the 8th Annual IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications (2010)

Dynamics of Person-to-Person Interactions from Distributed RFID Sensor Networks

C. Cattuto, W. Van den Broeck, A. Barrat, V. Colizza, J. Pinton, A. Vespignani
PLoS ONE 5(7) (2010)

Social dynamics in conferences: analyses of data from the Live Social Semantics application

A. Barrat, C. Cattuto, M. Szomszor, W. Van den Broeck, H. Alani
The Semantic Web – ISWC 2010 Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6497 (2010)

Collective dynamics of social annotation

C. Cattuto, A. Barrat, A. Baldassarri, G. Schehr, V. Loreto
PNAS 106 (2009)

Complex systems approach to the emergence of language

A. Baronchelli, C. Cattuto, V. Loreto, A. Puglisi
Language, Evolution, and the Brain. Hong Kong : City University of Hong Kong Press. (2009)

Social Spam Detection

B. Markines, C. Cattuto, F. Menczer
AIRWeb \'09 Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Adversarial Information Retrieval on the Web (2009)

Evaluating Similarity Measures for Emergent Semantics of Social Tagging

B. Markines, C. Cattuto, F. Menczer, D. Benz, A. Hotho, G. Stumme
WWW \'09 Proceedings of the 18th international conference on World wide web (2009)