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Technical Committee

The Technical Committee for the Lagrange Project, nominated by CRT Foundation, is composed by:

Caterina Bima
Marco Giovannini
Davide Franco
Pierluigi Poggiolini
Luigi Somenzari

G. Antrilli G. Sorba – Fondazione ISI
(for the Lagrange Project development)

The Lagrange Project, conceived and promoted by CRT Foundation, is one of Europe’s leading and most innovative initiatives in data science and complex systems. Initiated in 2003, the project has been at the forefront of advancing research in these fields under the scientific coordination of ISI Foundation. In over two decades, the project has supported the work of more than 800 young researchers, allocating upwards of 44 million euros.


The Lagrange Laboratory represents the research and innovation component of the Lagrange Project—a strategic resource fueling ISI Foundation’s scientific activity. The CRT Foundation’s support propels research programs in four broad areas with attention to interdisciplinarity: Computational and Digital Epidemiology, Computational Social Science, Data for Social Impact and Sustainability, Complex Systems and Data Science.


The Lagrange Project actively contributes to training a new generation of data scientists via the Lagrange Scholarships. The program, intended for residents of Piedmont and the Aosta Valley, grants a series of research scholarships every year. Applicants need to hold an undergraduate or postgraduate university degree and be interested in pursuing applied research within the area of Data Science for Social Impact. The project activities are based at the OGR Torino technology hub.

Lagrange Scholars are supervised by ISI Foundation’s senior researchers and experts at partner social impact organizations of ISI Foundation’s network, including governmental agencies, global humanitarian agencies, industrial data providers, and more. The Lagrange Scholarship program is designed to strengthen the relationship between academia, companies, and the third sector, keeping young talents at the center and bridging the gap between the graduation of STEM students and their Ph.D. or first work experience.

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Call for Lagrange applied research scholarships 2023/2024

List of Winners for 2023/2024 is available here

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Lagrange Prize

The Lagrange Prize – CRT Foundation is widely considered the foremost prize on complex systems science and its societal impact worldwide. Established in 2008 as a crucial element of the Lagrange Project, the award activates and gathers relevant research communities, celebrating major accomplishments in the field. Among the names of the awardees are leading figures in science, including Nobel laureates.

Tina Eliassi Rad


Tina Eliassi – Rad

Lagrange 2019


David Gruber, Iain Couzin

Lagrange 2018


César A. Hidalgo

Lagrange 2017


Danielle S. Bassett

Lagrange 2016


John Brownstein

Lagrange 2015


Jure Leskovec, Panos Ipeirotis

Lagrange 2014


Mark Newman

Lagrange 2013


Duncan J. Watts, Riccardo Luna

Lagrange 2012


Lada Adamic, Xavier Gabaix

Lagrange 2011


Albert Laszlo Barabasi

Lagrange 2010


James J. Collins

Lagrange 2009


Giorgio Parisi

The legacy of a pioneer

Named in honor of the illustrious mathematician Giuseppe Luigi Lagrange, a native of Turin where he received his education, the project celebrates a figure of immense scientific stature in Europe. Lagrange, renowned for his European and international contributions, initially made his mark in Berlin before ultimately establishing his legacy in Paris. His global recognition stems from seminal contributions across various disciplines, including mathematical physics, analytical mechanics, group theory, and classical field theory.