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connecting research and society in collaboration with academia

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The ISI Foundation augments and supports its scientific mission through several postgraduate and postdoctoral training programs centered around its main research areas. This effort is fueled by fruitful collaborations with research and educational institutes, humanitarian agencies, data-providers etc. The scope can range from local partnerships (e.g., with the City of Turin) to alliances with global humanitarian agencies (e.g., with the World Health Organization).

Central to this educational and training effort is the Lagrange Project and its annual scholarship program. The program supports research activities aimed at bridging the gap between academic research and applications, with a particular focus on Data Science for Social Impact and Sustainable Development.

The most compelling evidence of the training programs’ impact is the profile and number of individuals—future pioneers in science and innovation—that the ISI Foundation has nurtured and engaged with over the years.

Lagrange Project

Lagrange Scholarships

The Lagrange Project supports the training of a new generation of young talents in the applications of complex systems science, data science, and artificial intelligence to societal challenges and sustainable development. The program provides a yearly cohort of scholarships, the Lagrange Scholarships, that support selected, freshly graduated STEM students and offers them a one year experiential learning path.

European commission training Programs

ISI Foundation is active in several training programs supported by the European Commissions, such as ITNs (International Training Networks) or Doctoral Networks. The networks’ activities cover different fields of public interest from epidemic modeling and pandemic preparedness to computational tools for social disparities.

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