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The ISI Foundation is driven by a distinct ambition: to move beyond the pure generation and sharing of scientific knowledge and actively promote a positive change in the society. This commitment is embodied in a diverse array of partnerships, relationships, and dialogues that go beyond the academic sphere.

The ISI Foundation acts as a collaborative nexus, connecting a broad community of stakeholders and entities engaged in or benefiting from data technologies, including global agencies, governments, philanthropy networks, major funding organizations, and the media. In this effort, ISI Foundation operates synergistically with CRT Foundation and its ecosystem.

In parallel with the institutional level, ISI Foundation directly stimulates and supports the communities of researchers and practitioners relevant to its mission, by means of research visits and sabbaticals, internships for university students, networks of alumni of the Foundation, a program of Lagrange Fellows to recognize scholars of its network who contributed to ISI Foundation’s mission, and more. The most prominent community-building action of the Foundation is the Lagrange Prize – CRT Foundation.

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Lagrange Project

The Lagrange Prize

The Lagrange Prize – CRT Foundation is the leading award in the field of Complex Systems Science. Created in 2008, and coordinated by ISI Foundation, the Prize awards internationally renowned scientists advancing complex systems science, data science and their applications. The Lagrange Prize Awardees comprise a world-class group of scientists, thought leaders and communicators, including Nobel laureates.

and workshops

ISI Foundation regularly participates and organizes international and national scientific events and outreach opportunities. ISI Foundation is involved first and foremost in technical conferences in the domain of complex systems, network science, and data science, but also in initiatives where data science and artificial intelligence meet the social dimension, fostering the public discourse on the opportunities of challenges of data technologies, while always keeping the human at the center.

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