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Text characterization based on recurrence networks

Bárbara C. e Souza, Filipi Nascimento Silva, Henrique Ferraz De Arruda, Giovana D. da Silva, Luciano da Fontoura Costa, Diego Raphael Amancio
Information Sciences641, 119124, (2023)

Strengths and limitations of relative wealth indices derived from big data in Indonesia

Daniele Sartirano, Kyriaki Kalimeri, Ciro Cattuto, Enrique Delamónica, Manuel Garcia-Herranz, Anthony Mockler, Daniela Paolotti, Rossano Schifanella
Frontiers in Big Data6, 1054156 (2023)

Social and asocial learning in zebrafish are encoded by a shared brain network that is differentially modulated by local activation

Júlia S. Pinho, Vincent Cunliffe, Kyriacos Kareklas, Giovanni Petri, Rui F. Oliveira
Communications Biology6: 633, (2023)

Simplicially driven simple contagion

Maxime Lucas, Iacopo Iacopini, Thomas Robiglio, Alain Barrat, Giovanni Petri
Physical Review Research5, 013201 , 013201 (2023)

Potential role of biologgers to automate detection of lame ewes and lambs

Katharine E. Lewis, Emily Price, Darren P. Croft, Laura E. Green, Laura Ozella, Ciro Cattuto, Joss Langford
Applied Animal Behaviour Science259, 105847 (2023)

On the forecastability of food insecurity

Pietro Foini, Michele Tizzoni, Giulia Martini, Daniela Paolotti, Elisa Omodei
Scientific Reports13: 2793, (2023)

Informing the Global Data Future: Benchmarking Data Governance Frameworks

Sara Marcucci, Natalia González Alarcón, Stefaan G. Verhulst, Elena Wüllhorst
Data & Policy5, e30 (2023)

Higher-order interactions shape collective dynamics differently in hypergraphs and simplicial complexes

Yuanzhao Zhang, Maxime Lucas, Federico Battiston
Nature Communications14: 1605, (2023)

From Ukraine to the World: Using LinkedIn Data to Monitor Professional Migration from Ukraine

GoodIT '23: Proceedings of the 2023 ACM Conference on Information Technology for Social Good 213–222 (2023)

Evidence of Demographic rather than Ideological Segregation in News Discussion on Reddit

Corrado Monti, Jacopo D'Ignazi, Michele Starnini, Gianmarco De Francisci Morales
WWW '23: Proceedings of the ACM Web Conference 2023 2777–2786 (2023)

Toward understanding the communication in sperm whales

Jacob Andreas, Gašper Beguš, Michael M. Bronstein, Roee Diamant, Denley Delaney, Shane Gero, Shafi Goldwasser, David F. Gruber, Sarah de Haas, Peter Malkin, Nikolay Pavlov, Roger Payne, Giovanni Petri, Daniela Rus, Pratyusha Sharma, Dan Tchernov, Pernille Tønnesen, Antonio Torralba, , Robert J. Wood
iScience25, 6, 104393 (2022)

Topological Features of Electroencephalography are Robust to Re-referencing and Preprocessing

Jacob Billings, Ruxandra Tivadar, Micah M. Murray, Benedetta Franceschiello, Giovanni Petri
Brain Topography35, 79–95 (2022)

The rise and fall of countries in the global value chains

Luiz G. A. Alves, Giuseppe Mangioni, Francisco Aparecido Rodrigues, Pietro Panzarasa, Yamir Moreno
Scientific Reports12, 9086, (2022)

Social Contagion on Higher-Order Structures

Alain Barrat, Guilherme Ferraz de Arruda, Iacopo Iacopini, Yamir Moreno
Higher-Order Systems 329–346 (2022)

Social behaviour and transmission of lameness in a flock of ewes and lambs

Katharine E. Lewis, Emily Price, Darren P. Croft, Joss Langford, Laura Ozella, Ciro Cattuto, Laura E. Green
Frontiers in Veterinary Science9:1027020, (2022)

Sex Differences in Aggression Are Paralleled by Differential Activation of the Brain Social Decision-Making Network in Zebrafish

María Florencia Scaia, Ibukun Akinrinade, Giovanni Petri, Rui F. Oliveira
Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience16: 784835, (2022)

Seasonal fishery facilitates a novel transmission pathway in an emerging animal reservoir of Guinea worm

Cecily E.D. Goodwin, Monique Léchenne, Jared K. Wilson-Aggarwal, Sidouin Metinou Koumetio, George J.F Swan, Tchonfienet Moundai, Laura Ozella, Robbie A. McDonald
Current Biology32, 4, 775-782.e4 (2022)

Polarizing Opinion Dynamics with Confirmation Bias

Tianyi Chen, Xu Wang, Charalampos E. Tsourakakis
Proceedings SocInfo2022, Glasgow 19-21 October (2022)

Modelling how social network algorithms can influence opinion polarization

Henrique Ferraz De Arruda, Felipe Maciel Cardoso, Guilherme Ferraz de Arruda, Alexis R. Hernández, Luciano da Fontoura Costa, Yamir Moreno
Information Sciences588, 265-278 (2022)

Modeling the effects of social distancing on the large-scale spreading of diseases

Paulo Cesar Ventura, Alberto Aleta, Francisco Aparecido Rodrigues, Yamir Moreno
Epidemics38, 00544 (2022)