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Unraveling the COVID-19 hospitalization dynamics in Spain using Bayesian inference

Alberto Aleta, Juan Luis Blas-Laína, Gabriel Tirado Anglés, Yamir Moreno
BMC Medical Research Methodology23, 24 (2023)

The Pursuit of Peer Support for Opioid Use Recovery on Reddit

Duilio Balsamo, Paolo Bajardi, Gianmarco De Francisci Morales, Corrado Monti, Rossano Schifanella
Proceedings of the International AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media17(1), 12-23 (2023)

Sustainable nutrition and the case of vegetable oils to match present and future dietary needs

Pier Mannuccio Mannucci, Olivier Jolliet, Erik Meijaard, Joanne Slavin, Mario Rasetti, Alberto Aleta, Yamir Moreno, Carlo Agostoni
Frontiers in Public Health11, 1106083 (2023)

Simplicially driven simple contagion

Maxime Lucas, Iacopo Iacopini, Thomas Robiglio, Alain Barrat, Giovanni Petri
Physical Review Research5, 013201 (2023)

Reflections On Epidemiological Modeling To Inform Policy During The COVID-19 Pandemic In Western Europe, 2020–23

Mark Jit, Kylie Ainslie, Christian Althaus, Constantino Caetano, Vittoria Colizza, Daniela Paolotti, Philippe Beutels, Lander Willem, John Edmunds, Baltazar Nunes, Sònia Namorado, Christel Faes, Nicola Low, Jacco Wallinga, Niel Hens
Health Affairs42, 12, (2023)

Participatory Surveillance for COVID-19 Trend Detection in Brazil: Cross-sectional Study

Salome Wittwer, Daniela Paolotti, Guilherme Lichand, Onicio Leal Neto
JMIR Public Health and Surveillance9, e44517 (2023)

Modeling self-propagating malware with epidemiological models

Alesia Chernikova, Nicolò Gozzi, Nicola Perra, Simona Boboila, Tina Eliassi-Rad, Alina Oprea
Applied Network Science8, 52 (2023)

Impact of tiered measures on social contact and mixing patterns of in Italy during the second wave of COVID-19

Michele Tizzani, Alessandro De Gaetano, Christopher I. Jarvis, Amy Gimma, Kerry Wong, W. John Edmunds, Philippe Beutels, Niel Hens, Pietro Coletti, Daniela Paolotti
BMC Public Health23, 906 (2023)

Food composition databases in the era of Big Data: Vegetable oils as a case study

Henrique Ferraz De Arruda, Alberto Aleta, Yamir Moreno
Frontiers in Nutrition9, 1052934 (2023)

Evolutionarily conserved role of oxytocin in social fear contagion in zebrafish

Ibukun Akinrinade, Kyriacos Kareklas, Magda C. Teles, Thais K. Reis, Michael Gliksberg, Giovanni Petri, Gil Levkowitz, Rui F. Oliveira
Science379, 6638, 1232-1237 (2023)

Estimating the impact of COVID-19 vaccine inequities: a modeling study

Nicolò Gozzi, Matteo Chinazzi, Natalie E. Dean, Ira M. Longini Jr, M. Elizabeth Halloran, Nicola Perra, Alessandro Vespignani
Nature Communications14, 3272 (2023)

Enabling Multicentric Participatory Disease Surveillance for Global Health Enhancement: Viewpoint on Global Flu View

Onicio Leal Neto, Daniela Paolotti, Craig Dalton, Sandra Carlson, Patipat Susumpow, Matt Parker, Polowat Phetra, Eric H Y Lau, Vittoria Colizza, Albert Jan van Hoek, Charlotte Kjelsø, John S Brownstein, Marc S Smolinski
JMIR Public Health Surveillance9, e46644 (2023)

Echo Chambers of Vaccination Hesitancy Discussion on Social Media during COVID-19 Pandemic

Yelena Mejova, Giuseppe Crupi, Jacopo Lenti, Michele Tizzani, Kyriaki Kalimeri, Daniela Paolotti, André Panisson
Proceedings: XX ISA World Congress of Sociology - Melbourne, Australia June 25-July 1, 2023224.3, (2023)

Big Social Media Twitter Data for Studying Social Connection: Case Study of Loneliness

Proceedings: XX ISA World Congress of Sociology - Melbourne, Australia June 25-July 1, 2023498.1, (2023)

Behavioral Changes Associated With COVID-19 Vaccination: Cross-National Online Survey

Alessandro De Gaetano, Paolo Bajardi, Nicolò Gozzi, Nicola Perra, Daniela Perrotta, Daniela Paolotti
Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR)25, e47563 (2023)

Attitudes towards booster, testing and isolation, and their impact on COVID-19 response in winter 2022/2023 in France, Belgium, and Italy: a cross-sectional survey and modelling study

Giulia de Meijere, Eugenio Valdano, Claudio Castellano, Marion Debin, Charly Kengne-Kuetche, Clément Turbelin, Harold Noël, Joshua S. Weitz, Daniela Paolotti, Lisa Hermans, Niel Hens, Vittoria Colizza
The Lancet Regional Health - Europe28, 100614 (2023)

Association of close-range contact patterns with SARS-CoV-2: a household transmission study

Jackie Kleynhans, Lorenzo Dall'Amico, Laetitia Gauvin, Michele Tizzoni, Lucia Maloma, Sibongile Walaza, Neil A Martinson, Anne von Gottberg, Nicole Wolter, Mvuyo Makhasi, Cheryl Cohen, Ciro Cattuto, Stefano Tempia,
eLife12, e84753, 1-26 (2023)