Giovanni Petri

Senior Research Scientist

Fields of study:
Mathematics of Complex Systems

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Linear and Nonlinear Quantitative EEG Analysis during Neutral Hypnosis following an Opened/Closed Eye Paradigm

G. Rho, A. L. Callara, G. Petri, M. Nardelli, E. P. Scilingo, A. Greco, V. De Pascalis
Simmetry 3(8) (2921)

Developmental effects of oxytocin neurons on social affiliation and processing of social information

A. R. Nunes, M. Gliksberg, S. A. M. Varela, M. Teles, E. Wircer, J. Blechman, G. Petri, G. Levkowitz, R. Oliveira
JNeurosci (The Journal of Neuroscience) JN-RM-2939-20 (2021)

Hypergraph reconstruction from network data

J. Young, G. Petri, T. D. P. Peixoto
Communications Physics 4:135 (2021)

Simplicial and topological descriptions of human brain dynamics

J. Billings, M. Saggar, J. Hlinka, S. Keilholz, G. Petri
Network Neuroscience (2021)

Homological scaffold via minimal homology bases

M. Guerra, A. De Gregorio, U. Fugacci, G. Petri, F. Vaccarino
Scientific Reports 11:5355 (2021)

Topological limits to the parallel processing capability of network architectures

G. Petri, S. Musslick, B. Dey, K. Özcimder, D. Turner, K. Ahmed, T. L. Willke, J. D. Cohen
Nature Physics (2021)

Networks beyond pairwise interactions: structure and dynamics

F. Battiston, G. Cencetti, I. Iacopini, V. Latora, M. Lucas, A. Patania, J. Young, G. Petri
Physics Reports (2020)

Topological gene expression networks recapitulate brain anatomy and function

A. Patania, P. Selvaggi, M. Veronese, O. Dipasquale, P. Expert, G. Petri
Network Neuroscience 3, 3 (2019)

Editorial: Topological Neuroscience

P. Expert, L. Lord, M. L. Kringelbach, G. Petri
Network Neuroscience 3, 3 (2019)

Simplicial models of social contagion

I. Iacopini, G. Petri, A. Barrat, V. Latora
Nature Communications 10: 2485 (2019)

Differences in EMG Feature Space between Able-Bodied and Amputee Subjects for Myoelectric Control

E. Campbell, A. Phinyomark, A. H. Al-Timemy, R. N. Khushaba, G. Petri, E. Scheme
9th International IEEE/EMBS Conference on Neural Engineering (NER) (2019)

On the predictability of infectious disease outbreaks

S. Scarpino, G. Petri
Nature communications 10, 898 (2019)

Topology highlights mesoscopic functional equivalence between imagery and perception

G. Petri, E. Ibañez Marcelo, L. Campioni, A. Phinyomark, E. Santarcangelo
International Journal of Phychophysiology 131 S27-S28 (2018)

Topological Data Analysis of Biomedical Big Data

A. Phinyomark, G. Petri, E. Ibañez Marcelo
Signal Processing and Machine Learning for Biomedical Big Data. CRC Press, 2018 (2018)

Simplicial Activity Driven Model

G. Petri, A. Barrat
Physical Review Letters 121, 228301 (2018)

Analysis of big data in gait biomechanics: current trends and future direction

A. Phinyomark, G. Petri, E. Ibañez Marcelo, S.T. Osis, R. Ferber
Journal of medical and biological engineering. 38:2 (2018)

Navigating features: a topologically informed chart of electromyographic features space

A. Phinyomark, E. Ibañez Marcelo, A. Patania, E. Scheme, G. Petri
Journal of The Royal Society Interface 14 (137) (2017)

Construction of and efficient sampling from the simplicial configuration model

J. Young, G. Petri, F. Vaccarino, A. Patania
Phys. Rev. E 96, 3 (2017)

The shape of collaborations

A. Patania, G. Petri, F. Vaccarino
EPJ Data Science 20176:18 (2017)

Topological analysis of data

A. Patania, F. Vaccarino, G. Petri
EPJ Data Science 6:7 (2017)

Insights into Brain Architectures from the Homological Scaffolds of Functional Connectivity Networks

L. Lord, P. Expert, H. M. Fernandes, G. Petri, T. J. Van Hartevelt, F. Vaccarino, G. Deco, F. Turkheimer, M. L. Kringelbach
Front. Syst. Neurosci. 10/85 (2016)

Evolutionary dynamics of time-resolved social interactions

A. Cardillo, G. Petri, V. Nicosia, R. Sinatra, J. Gomez-Gardenes, V. Latora
Phys. Rev. E 90, 052825 (2014)

Temporal stability of network partitions

G. Petri, P. Expert
Phys. Rev. E 90 (2014)

Homological scaffolds of brain functional networks

G. Petri, P. Expert, F. Turkheimer, R. Carhart-Harris, D. Nutt, P. J. Hellyer, F. Vaccarino
J. R. Soc. Interface 11 (2014)

jHoles: A Tool for Understanding Biological Complex Networks via Clique Weight Rank Persistent Homology

J. Binchi, E. Merelli, M. Rucco, G. Petri, F. Vaccarino
Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science 306 (2014)

Topological strata of weighted complex networks

G. Petri, M. Scolamiero, I. Donato, F. Vaccarino
PLoS ONE 8(6): e66506 (2013)

Networks and cycles: a persistent homology approach to complex networks

G. Petri, M. Scolamiero, I. Donato, F. Vaccarino
Proceedings of the European Conference on Complex Systems 2012 (2012)

Decimation of fast states and and weak nodes: topological variation through persistent homology

I. Donato, G. Petri, M. Scolamiero, F. Vaccarino
Proceedings of the European Conference on Complex Systems 2012 (2012)