Stefano Merler


Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Italy

Fields of study:
Epidemiology, Infectious Diseases

Stefano Merler is a mathematical modeller of infectious diseases transmission. He joined Bruno Kessler Foundation (a research center in Trento, Italy) in 1995 and now he leads the Dynamical Systems research unit. He is mainly interested in the analysis of the effects of population heterogeneity (i.e. contact patterns, demographic changes) on the spread and control of infectious diseases. He is coauthor of about 100 academic papers.


Spread of Zika virus in the Americas

Q. Zhang, K. Sun, M. Chinazzi, A. Pastore Y Piontti, N. E. Dean, D. P. Rojasc, S. Merler, D. Mistry, P. Poletti, L. Rossi, M. Braya, M. E. Hallorang, I. Longini, A. Vespignani
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Containing Ebola at the Source with Ring Vaccination

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School closure policies at municipality level for mitigating influenza spread: a model-based evaluation

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Spatiotemporal dynamics of the Ebola epidemic in Guinea and implications for vaccination and disease elimination: a computational modeling analysis

M. Ajelli, S. Merler, L. Fumanelli, A. Pastore Y Piontti, N. E. Dean, I. Longini, M. E. Halloran, A. Vespignani
BMC Medicine 201614:130 (2016)

Spatiotemporal spread of the 2014 outbreak of Ebola virus disease in Liberia and the eff ectiveness of non-pharmaceutical interventions: a computational modelling analysis

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Containing the accidental laboratory escape of potential pandemic influenza viruses

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Inferring the Structure of Social Contacts from Demographic Data in the Analysis of Infectious Diseases Spread

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Comparing large-scale computational approaches to epidemic modeling: agent-based versus structured metapopulation models

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