Isi People
Corrado Gioannini
Senior Research Scientist
Fields Of StudyComputational and Digital Epidemiology, Complex Networks & Systems, Scientific Research support Frameworks, Data Analytics and Visualization Systems

Corrado Gioannini is a Senior Research Scientist at ISI Foundation, in Turin, Italy. He has a background in Physics, and has been working several years in the software industry coordinating development projects. His research activities are mainly focused in the field of computational epidemiology, and his main interest is the design and realization of software tools aimed at assisting research, education and policy making. He has been leading the development of the GLEAMviz simulator for over a decade, a computational platform for simulating epidemic spreading phenomena, and contributed to the publication of several articles about disease spreading, including the Covid-19 emergency. He has been participating in several EU funded projects and is coordinating the technical development of forecasting hubs at the national and European level.