Kyriaki Kalimeri



From Ukraine to the World: Using LinkedIn Data to Monitor Professional Migration from Ukraine

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Leave no Place Behind: Improved Geolocation in Humanitarian Documents

E. Belliardo, K. Kalimeri, Y. Mejova
GoodIT '23: Proceedings of the 2023 ACM Conference on Information Technology for Social Good (2023)

What does a text classifier learn about morality? An explainable method for cross-domain comparison of moral rhetoric

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Echo Chambers of Vaccination Hesitancy Discussion on Social Media during COVID-19 Pandemic

Y. Mejova, G. Crupi, J. Lenti, M. Tizzani, K. Kalimeri, D. Paolotti, A. Panisson
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Authority without Care: Moral Values behind the Mask Mandate Response

Y. Mejova, K. Kalimeri, G. De Francisci Morales
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Moral Narratives Around the Vaccination Debate on Facebook

M. Beiró, J. D'Ignazi, V. Perez Bustos, M. F. Prado, K. Kalimeri
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Towards a global machine learning based impact model for tropical cyclones

M. Kooshki Forooshani, M. van den Homberg, K. Kalimeri, A. Kaltenbrunner, Y. Mejova, L. Milano, P. Ndirangu, D. Paolotti, A. Teklesadik, M. Turner
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Strengths and limitations of relative wealth indices derived from big data in Indonesia

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LibertyMFD: A Lexicon to Assess the Moral Foundation of Liberty.

O. Araque, L. Gatti, K. Kalimeri
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Modelling Moral Traits with Music Listening Preferences and Demographics

V. Preniqi, K. Kalimeri, C. Saitis
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The Language of Liberty: A preliminary study

O. Araque, L. Gatti, K. Kalimeri
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Young Adult Unemployment Through the Lens of Social Media: Italy as a Case Study

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Artificial Intelligence and Concerns About the Future: A Case Study in Norway

K. Kalimeri, I. Tjostheim
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Human Values and Digital Patterns in Physical Exercise (Extended Abstract)

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Sentiment and Moral Narratives during COVID-19

O. Araque, K. Kalimeri, L. Gatti
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Falling into the Echo Chamber: The Italian Vaccination Debate on Twitter

A. Cossard, G. De Francisci Morales, K. Kalimeri, Y. Mejova, D. Paolotti, M. Starnini
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COVID-19 on Facebook Ads: Competing Agendas around a Public Health Crisis

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Facebook Ads as a Demographic Tool to Measure the Urban-Rural Divide

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Reports of the Workshops Held at the 2019 International AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media

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Effect of Values and Technology Use on Exercise: Implications for Personalized Behavior Change Interventions

UMAP '19 Proceedings of the 27th ACM Conference on User Modeling, Adaptation and Personalization (2019)

Human Values and Attitudes towards Vaccination in Social Media

K. Kalimeri, M. Beiró, A. Urbinati, A. Bonanomi, A. Rosina, C. Cattuto
Proceeding WWW '19 Companion Proceedings of The 2019 World Wide Web Conference (2019)

Wearable Proximity Sensors for Monitoring a Mass Casualty Incident Exercise: Feasibility Study

L. Ozella, L. E. Gauvin, L. Carenzo, M. Quaggiotto, P. L. Ingrassia, M. Tizzoni, A. Panisson, D. Colombo, A. Sapienza, K. Kalimeri, F. Della Corte, C. Cattuto
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Unsupervised extraction of epidemic syndromes from participatory influenza surveillance self-reported symptoms

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How Search Engine Data Enhance the Understanding of Determinants of Suicide in India and Inform Prevention: Observational Study

N. Adler, C. Cattuto, K. Kalimeri, D. Paolotti, M. Tizzoni, S. Verhulst, E. Yom-Tov, A. Young
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Mobile Assistive Technologies

S. Spagnol, A. Csapó, E. I. Konstantinidis, K. Kalimeri
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Cognitive Load Assessment from EEG and Peripheral Biosignals for the Design of Visually Impaired Mobility Aids

C. Saitis, M. Z. Parvez, K. Kalimeri
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Understanding Youth Unemployment in Italy via Social Media Data

A. Bonanomi, A. Rosina, C. Cattuto, K. Kalimeri
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Exploring multimodal biosignal features for stress detection during indoor mobility

K. Kalimeri, C. Saitis
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Sonificazione di ostacoli come ausilio alla deambulazione di non vedenti

S. Spagnol, C. Saitis, K. Kalimeri, O. I. Johannesson, R. Unnthorsson
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Model-based Obstacle Sonification for the Navigation of Visually Impaired Persons

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