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Corrado Gioannini

Fields of study:
ISI contact for the development and maintenance of the computational platform for epidemic spreading phenomena Gleamviz


Charting the Next Pandemic: Modeling Infectious Disease Spreading in the Data Science Age

A. Pastore Y Piontti, N. Perra, L. Rossi, N. Samay, A. Vespignani, C. Gioannini, B. Goncalves, M. C. Gomes
Springer International Publishing (2018)

Social Data Mining and Seasonal Influenza Forecasts: The FluOutlook Platform

Q. Zhang, C. Gioannini, D. Paolotti, N. Perra, D. Perrotta, M. Quaggiotto, M. Tizzoni, A. Vespignani
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 9286 (2015)

Rapid assessment of influenza vaccine effectiveness: analysis of an internet-based cohort

K. Eames, E. Brooks-Pollock, D. Paolotti, M. Perosa, C. Gioannini, J. Edmunds
Epidemiology and Infection, Available on CJO 140(7) (2012)

Internet-based monitoring system for infuenza-like illness: H1N1 surveillance in Italy

D. Paolotti, C. Gioannini, V. Colizza, A. Vespignani
Proceedings of eHealth 2010 Casablanca 13-15 December 2010 (2010)