Francesca Tria

Associated Researcher

Fields of study:
Phylogeny and evolution with applications in biology and linguistics; statistical physics of language and social dynamics


Exploring the evolution of pathogens organised in discrete antigenic clusters

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Dynamics on Expanding Spaces: Modeling the Emergence of Novelties

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On the Emergence of Syntactic Structures: Quantifying and Modeling Duality of Patterning

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Participatory Patterns in an International Air Quality Monitoring Initiative

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Optimal Learning Paths in Information Networks

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Modeling the Emergence of Contact Languages

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The dynamics of correlated novelties

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XTribe: A web-based social computation platform

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Opinion Dynamics with disagreement and modulated information

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A stochastic local search approach to language trees reconstruction

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Linguistics in Sylicon

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Language Dynamics

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Why are basic color names basic?

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Fisica generale. Meccanica

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Aging in language dynamics

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A fast no-rejection algorithm for the Category Game

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A fast noise reduction driven distance-based phylogenetic algorithm

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Distance-based Phylogenetic algorithms: new insights and applications

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