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21 may 2024 - Events Seminars

Interdisciplinary applied research activities in Institute GATE (Sofia, Bulgaria)

Dr. Irina Temnikova
Big Data for Smart Society Institute (GATE), Sofia, Bulgaria


Irina Temnikova holds a PhD from the University of Wolverhampton, UK, and is an experienced researcher in Natural Language Processing at the research group in Disinformation Detection at Institute GATE. She supervises junior researchers and research interns in building new NLP machine learning models facilitating disinformation detection.


The aim of the talk is to present the research areas of the Big Data for Smart Society Institute (GATE) in Sofia, Bulgaria, in order to look for possible collaborations with ISI Foundation.
GATE is a semi-independent self-funded research institute, part of the oldest state university of Sofia – Sofia University “Saint Kliment Ohridski”. The aims of GATE are to collaborate with other research institutes, universities, public institutions, and private companies by engaging in common projects, developing solutions to facilitate their activities, and providing policy recommendations. GATE’s main research areas are Digital Health, Smart Cities, and Intelligent Government. The talk will present their main projects. The activities and interests of the Disinformation Detection group in the Intelligent Government Department, in which the speaker works, will be presented in more detail, with topics like: disinformation detection, climate change, scientific and health news verification, and building new Natural Language Processing (NLP) models for tasks such as emotion, sarcasm and Language Models (LM)- generated texts detection.

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