Workshop “Accelerating Access to Non-Traditional Data for Pandemic Modeling and Response”

Date Friday, March 22, 2024
LocationRue d'Egmont 11, Bruxelles
HealthData Science
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Scheduled for March 22, 2024, in Brussels, the workshop “Accelerating Access to Non-Traditional Data for Pandemic Modeling and Response” is a collaborative effort by The ISI Foundation, The Data Tank, and The ESCAPE project.
It aims to explore how non-traditional data sources can improve pandemic readiness. Key topics include accessing and utilizing non-traditional data, integrating insights into decision-making, and establishing responsible data stewardship. Attendees will include data custodians, policymakers, researchers, and technologists, providing a platform for collaboration, learning, and recommendation development. The workshop underscores a commitment to leveraging data for societal benefit and fostering global cooperation in pandemic preparedness.

Who Will Attend? The workshop is designed for a diverse group of stakeholders, including custodians of non-traditional data, policymakers, public health officials, researchers affiliated with the ESCAPE network, data scientists, and technologists specializing in non-traditional data analysis. With a maximum capacity of 30 attendees, the workshop promises intimate and focused discussions aimed at driving tangible outcomes.

Published on wednesday, 20 march 2024

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