Lagrange scholarships on Data Science for Social Impact – Final Workshop

Date Thursday, April 27, 2023
LocationISI Foundation 1st floor
Sustainable DevelopmentOther
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The Lagrange Project started in 2003 and is regarded as one of the pioneering and most innovative European projects on complex systems science and data science.
It is promoted and funded by Fondazione CRT as a part of the Lagrange project. ISI Foundation holds the scientific lead. The scholarships aim to bridge the gap between academic research and industry, focusing on Data Science for Social Impact.
Our Scholars can work in a dynamic research environment with advisors with internationally recognized scientific profiles and international agencies (UNICEF, WFP, etc.)
The workshop to be held on April 27th at ISI premises will showcase the results of the projects the Lagrange Scholars had the opportunity to follow.


10:00 Introduction

10:30 Project talks
  10:30  Fiandrino Stefania – Modeling food insecurity by focusing on the role played by conflicts
  10:45  Paoletti Giordano – Political Interest and Anti-Vaccination Exposure on Twitter in Europe
  11:00  Azadian Nina – Education & Gender Equality in the Middle Eastern and High-migration Countries

11:15 Coffee break

11:30 Project talks
  11:30  Berté Margherita – Monitoring Gender Gaps and Mobility Trends via LinkedIn Advertising Data
  11:45  Kooshki Mersedeh – Global Impact Model for Severe Tropical Cyclone
  12:00  Stanzani Ilaria – Socio-economic Characterization of Voting Patterns of Italian Cities
  12:15  Belliardo Enrico – Geolocation of Humanitarian Documents

12:30 Invited testimonials
— Monical Turner (OCHA)
— Ximena Contla & Nicolo Tamagnone (Data Friendly Space/DEEP)
— Elisa Omodei (CEU / WFP)

Published on thursday, 27 april 2023

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