Misinfo 2021 Workshop

This week ISI Foundation researchers are joining the Web Conference 2021 organizing and/or participating in several workshops.

Misinfo 2021 is an event co organized by ISI Foundation Scientific Director Francesco Bonchi and co located within the WWW conference happening today April 15th, 2021.

The event will take place online and aims to bring together top researchers and practitioners from academia and industry to engage in a discussion about combating threats to the information validity from social networks and the web.

The Web Conference (WWW) offers an excellent forum for such a discussion and the topic of the workshop is also interdisciplinary, overlapping with psychology, sociology, and economics, while raising legal and ethical questions.

The workshop will gather knowledge and expertise including keynote talks by Joshua Tucker, Nir Grinberg, David Rand, Mohsen Mosleh, Lenny Grokop and Paolo Papotti.

Misinfo 2021, online workshop at Web Conference 2021,  April 15th, 2021