ISI Foundation is a nonprofit research center: we work on Data Sciences with a global perspective and with the ambition to generate a positive impact on society. Our scientific commitment combines models and tools from all disciplines relevant to the understanding and governing of complex socio-technical systems: statistical physics and applied mathematics, computer science, network science, artificial intelligence, and computational social science.

All around us, data — the invisible tales of our collective existence.

The Foundation is a private organization founded in 1983 in Turin with the support of CRT Foundation, our partner and funder. Our mission is to contribute to scientific advancement and knowledge sharing, tackling applied challenges in health and sustainability, and training the next generation of scientists to better understand and tackle the challenges of our future.

We break scientific barriers to break social barriers: we use science to contribute to a safer, more just society.

To spark change, we believe in the value of creating connections. At ISI Foundation, we act as facilitators and connectors between disciplines, between research institutions, between the private and public sectors, between the national, European and international levels, and between the scientific community and decision makers. We promote a science-aware culture to contribute to a more just society through greater knowledge of the world around us.



Interdisciplinary, selective, international. A flexible working group for researchers
to pursue their talents.