Research Domain
Collective Phenomena in Physics & Materials Science

Research Leaders
Stefano Zapperi

The Collective Phenomena in Physics & Materials Science domain research conducts both theoretical and experimental research into complex phenomena in material science. Particular areas of interest include:

I. hysteresis and noise in ferromagnetic material;
II. fluctuations in fracture and plasticity;
III. collective transport in nanostructured materials and deformation in soft condensed matter physics.

A general objective is to provide a quantitative theory that can be used as base for setting reliable safety factors. Experiments carried out through materials allow to observe, in controllable and defined settings, patterns, behaviours and properties that can be subsequently extrapolated and applied to other complex systems such as techno-social contexts.

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Understanding how materials respond to external mechanical perturbation is a central problem of science and engineering. Sizeffects aims at obtaining a first principle derivation of the fracture strength and yield stress distributions as a function of the sample size.

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Wall is a training network on the topic of domain walls in nanoscale magnetic structures, which aims at providing the next generation of researchers in this area of advanced technology.

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Probing spermiogenesis: a digital strategy for mouse acrosome classification

A. Taloni, F. Font Clos, L. Guidetti, S. Milan, M. Ascagni, C. Vasco, M. Pasini, M. R. Gioria, E. Ciusani, S. Zapperi, C. La Porta

Scientific Reports 7, 3748 (2017)

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Modeling mechanical control of spindle orientation of intestinal crypt stem cells

Z. Bertalan, S. Zapperi, C. La Porta

Journal of Theoretical Biology 430 (2017)