Research Domain
Citizen Science & Smart Cities

Research Leaders
Vittorio Loreto

The activity of Citizen Science & Smart Cities domain research aims at raising awareness and at enabling informed decision-making process by engaging common people in scientific experiments. The issue of sustainability is on top of the political and societal agenda and is considered to be of extreme importance for ISI development paradigm. The need for a reorganization of daily activities towards efficiency and sustainability has been recently raised by the public debate on several global environmental issues.

The enforcement of novel policies may be triggered by a grass-root approach, with a key contribution from information and communication technologies (ICT), as theoretical and modelling tools have reached the maturity to analyze, interpret and visualize complex data sets. Thus the mobile, powerful, and connected equipment makes any citizen a potential source of sensor data about her environment, with little or no scientific skill required. This new way of gathering data is not only raising awareness on fundamental issues, but also turning urban areas into Smart Cities, intelligent and complex organisms able to process the sensors signals, visualize them and possibly trigger the automatic execution of appropriate reactions.

Citizen science has the potential to improve collective social strategies, as well as stimulating shifts in public opinion with subsequent changes in individual behavior and pressure on policy makers.

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Experimental Tribe

Experimental Tribe is a web platform for gaming and social computation. It helps researchers to realize web games/experiments and it let people join, while enjoying, the scientific research.

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KREYON - Unfolding the dynamics of creativity, novelties and innovation

The project is proposing for the first time a unitary approach where creativity and innovation are seen as two sides of the same coin and jointly investigated and modeled.

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Significance and popularity in music production

B. Monechi, P. Gravino, V. Servedio, F. Tria, V. Loreto

R. sci. 4: 170433 (2017)

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Waves of novelties in the expansion into the adjacent possible

B. Monechi, A. Ruiz-Serrano, F. Tria, V. Loreto

PLoS ONE 12(6): e0179303 (2017)

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Opinion Dynamics: Models, Extensions and External Effects

A. Sirbu, V. Loreto, V. Servedio, F. Tria

Participatory Sensing, Opinions and Collective Awareness - Understanding Complex Systems (2017)