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Experimental self-characterization of quantum measurements

A. Zhang, J. Xie, H. Xu, K. Zheng, H. Zhang, Y. T. Poon, V. Vedral, L. Zhang
Physical Review Letters 124 / 4 (2020)

Quantum Vortices, Quantum Knots: Intertwining Physics, Topology and Algebra

M. Rasetti
TULLIO REGGE An Eclectic Genius, From Quantum Gravity to Computer Play (2019)

Ten principles to integrate the water-energy-land nexus with climate services for co-producing local and regional integrated assessments

R. Cremades, H. Mitter, N. Tudose, A. Sanchez-Plaza, A. Graves, A. Broekman, S. Bender, C. Giupponi, P. Koundouri, M. Bahri, S. Cheval, J. Cortekar, Y. Moreno, O. Melo, K. Karner, C. Ungurean, S. Davidescu, B. Kropf, F. Brouwer, M. Marin
Science of the Total Environment 693, 133662 (2019)

Focus on multilayer networks

Y. Moreno, M. Perc
New Journal of Physics 22, 010201 (2019)

Crash dynamics of interdependent networks

J. Li, C. Xia, G. Xiao, Y. Moreno
Scientific Reports 9:14574 (2019)

Onset of synchronization of Kuramoto oscillators in scale-free networks

T. Peron, B. Messias, A. S. Mata, F. A. Rodrigues, Y. Moreno
Physical Review E 100, 042302 (2019)

Epidemic spreading with awareness and different time scales in multiplex networks

P. C. Ventura Da Silva, F. Velásquez-Rojas, C. Connaughton, F. Vazquez, Y. Moreno, F. A. Rodrigues
Physical Review E 100, 032313 (2019)

Breaking the Spell of Nestedness: The Entropic Origin of Nestedness in Mutualistic Systems

C. Payrató-Borràs, L. Hernández, Y. Moreno
Physical Review X 9, 031024 (2019)

Layer degradation triggers an abrupt structural transition in multiplex networks

E. Cozzo, G. Ferraz de Arruda, F. A. Rodrigues, Y. Moreno
Physical Review E 100, 012313 (2019)

Topological gene expression networks recapitulate brain anatomy and function

A. Patania, P. Selvaggi, M. Veronese, O. Dipasquale, P. Expert, G. Petri
Network Neuroscience 3, 3 (2019)

Editorial: Topological Neuroscience

P. Expert, L. Lord, M. L. Kringelbach, G. Petri
Network Neuroscience 3, 3 (2019)

Computing Multipersistence by Means of Spectral Systems

A. Guidolin, J. Divasón, A. Romero, F. Vaccarino
Proceedings of the 2019 on International Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation (2019)

Simplicial models of social contagion

I. Iacopini, G. Petri, A. Barrat, V. Latora
Nature Communications 10: 2485 (2019)

Spreading of computer viruses on time-varying networks

T. Brett, G. Loukas, Y. Moreno, N. Perra
Physical Review E 99, 050303 (2019)

Differences in EMG Feature Space between Able-Bodied and Amputee Subjects for Myoelectric Control

E. Campbell, A. Phinyomark, A. H. Al-Timemy, R. N. Khushaba, G. Petri, E. Scheme
9th International IEEE/EMBS Conference on Neural Engineering (NER) (2019)

Directionality reduces the impact of epidemics in multilayer networks

X. Wang, A. Aleta, D. Lu, Y. Moreno
New Journal of Physics 21, 093026 (2019)

Multilayer Networks in a Nutshell

A. Aleta, Y. Moreno
Annual Review of Condensed Matter Physics 10 (2019)

The nested structural organization of the worldwide trade multi-layer network

L. G. A. Alves, G. Mangioni, I. Cingolani, F. A. Rodrigues, P. Panzarasa, Y. Moreno
Scientific Reports 9: 2866 (2019)

On the predictability of infectious disease outbreaks

S. Scarpino, G. Petri
Nature communications 10, 898 (2019)

Theoretical description and experimental simulation of quantum entanglement near open time-like curves via pseudo-density operators

C. Marletto, V. Vedral, S. Virzì, E. Rebufello, A. Avella, F. Piacentini, M. Gramegna, I. Degiovanni, M. Genovese
Nature Communications 10, 182 (2019)

Structural transition in interdependent networks with regular interconnections

X. Wang, R. E. Kooij, Y. Moreno, P. Van Mieghem
Physical Review E 99 (1), 012311 (2019)

Topological Data Analysis of Biomedical Big Data

A. Phinyomark, G. Petri, E. Ibañez Marcelo
Signal Processing and Machine Learning for Biomedical Big Data. CRC Press, 2018 (2018)

Topology highlights mesoscopic functional equivalence between imagery and perception

G. Petri, E. Ibañez Marcelo, L. Campioni, A. Phinyomark, E. Santarcangelo
International Journal of Phychophysiology 131 S27-S28 (2018)

Fundamentals of spreading processes in single and multilayer complex networks

G. Ferraz de Arruda, F. A. Rodrigues, Y. Moreno
Physics Reports 756 (2018)

A polynomial eigenvalue approach for multiplex networks

G. Ferraz de Arruda, E. Cozzo, F. A. Rodrigues, Y. Moreno
New Journal of Physics 20 (2018)

Diffusion Dynamics and Optimal Coupling in Multiplex Networks with Directed Layers

A. Tejedor, A. Longjas, E. Foufoula-Georgiu, T. T. Georgiu, Y. Moreno
Phys. Rev. X 8, 031071 (2018)

Physics of humans, physics for society

G. Caldarelli, S. Wolf, Y. Moreno
Nature Physics 14, 870 (2018)

Multiplex Networks: A Framework for Studying Multiprocess Multiscale Connectivity Via Coupled‐Network Theory With an Application to River Deltas

A. Tejedor, A. Longjas, P. Passalacqua, Y. Moreno, E. Foufoula-Georgiu
Geophysical Research Letters (2018)

Robustness of cultural communities in an open-ended Axelrod’s model

A. R. Hernández, C. Garcia-Lázaro, E. Brigatti, Y. Moreno
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 509 (2018)

The joint influence of competition and mutualism on the biodiversity of mutualistic ecosystems

C. Gracia-Lazaro, L. Hernàndez, J. Borge-Holthoefer, Y. Moreno
Scientific Reports 8 (2018)

Sparse Power-Law Network Model for Reliable Statistical Predictions Based on Sampled Data

A. P. Kartun-Giles, D. Krioukov, J. Gleeson, Y. Moreno, G. Bianconi
Entropy 20(4), 257 (2018)

Analysis of big data in gait biomechanics: current trends and future direction

A. Phinyomark, G. Petri, E. Ibañez Marcelo, S.T. Osis, R. Ferber
Journal of medical and biological engineering. 38:2 (2018)

Data-driven model for the assessment of Mycobacterium tuberculosis transmission in evolving demographic structures

S. Arregui, M. J. Iglesias, S. Samper, D. Marinova, C. Martin, J. Sanz, Y. Moreno
PNAS 201720606 (2018)

A networked voting rule for democratic representation

A. R. Hernández, C. Gracia-Lazaro, E. Brigatti, Y. Moreno
Royal Society Open Science 5 (2018)

Quantum Physics and Time from Inconsistent Marginals

C. Marletto, V. Vedral
The Map and the Territory (2018)

Navigating features: a topologically informed chart of electromyographic features space

A. Phinyomark, E. Ibañez Marcelo, A. Patania, E. Scheme, G. Petri
Journal of The Royal Society Interface 14 (137) (2017)

Construction of and efficient sampling from the simplicial configuration model

J. Young, G. Petri, F. Vaccarino, A. Patania
Phys. Rev. E 96, 3 (2017)

The shape of collaborations

A. Patania, G. Petri, F. Vaccarino
EPJ Data Science 20176:18 (2017)

Topological analysis of data

A. Patania, F. Vaccarino, G. Petri
EPJ Data Science 6:7 (2017)

Spin Network Quantum Circuits

A. Marzuoli, M. Rasetti
International Journal of Circuit Theory Applications 45:7 (2017)

The ‘Life Machine’: A Quantum Metaphor for Living Matter

M. Rasetti
International Journal of Theoretical Physics Volume 56, Issue 1 (2017)

Topological Field Theory of Data: Mining Data Beyond Complex Networks

M. Rasetti, E. Merelli
Advances in Disordered Systems, Random Processes and Some Applications (2017)

The Nori-Hilbert scheme is not smooth for 2-Calabi-Yau algebras

R. Bocklandt, F. Galluzzi, F. Vaccarino
Journal of Noncommutative Geometry 10/2 (2016)

Insights into Brain Architectures from the Homological Scaffolds of Functional Connectivity Networks

L. Lord, P. Expert, H. M. Fernandes, G. Petri, T. J. Van Hartevelt, F. Vaccarino, G. Deco, F. Turkheimer, M. L. Kringelbach
Front. Syst. Neurosci. 10/85 (2016)

Combinatorial presentation of multidimensional persistent homology

W. Chacholski, M. Scolamiero, F. Vaccarino
Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra (2016)

Persistent homology analysis of phase transitions

I. Donato, M. Gori, M. Pettini, S. De Nigris, R. Franzosi, F. Vaccarino
Phisical Review E 93 (5) (2016)

Dynamics on Expanding Spaces: Modeling the Emergence of Novelties

V. Loreto, V. Servedio, S. H. Strogatz, F. Tria
Lecture Notes in Morphogenesis (2016)

On the Emergence of Syntactic Structures: Quantifying and Modeling Duality of Patterning

V. Loreto, P. Gravino, V. Servedio, F. Tria
New Frontiers in Language Evolution and Development (2016)

The Topological Field Theory of Data: a program towards a novel strategy for data mining through data language

M. Rasetti, E. Merelli
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 626, conference 1 (2015)

Topology driven modeling: the IS metaphor

E. Merelli, M. Pettini, M. Rasetti
Natural Computing 14, 3 (2014)

Where do bosons actually belong?

A. Marzuoli, F. Raffa, M. Rasetti
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 47 (2014)

Temporal stability of network partitions

G. Petri, P. Expert
Phys. Rev. E 90 (2014)

Evolutionary dynamics of time-resolved social interactions

A. Cardillo, G. Petri, V. Nicosia, R. Sinatra, J. Gomez-Gardenes, V. Latora
Phys. Rev. E 90, 052825 (2014)

jHoles: A Tool for Understanding Biological Complex Networks via Clique Weight Rank Persistent Homology

J. Binchi, E. Merelli, M. Rucco, G. Petri, F. Vaccarino
Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science 306 (2014)

Homological scaffolds of brain functional networks

G. Petri, P. Expert, F. Turkheimer, R. Carhart-Harris, D. Nutt, P. J. Hellyer, F. Vaccarino
J. R. Soc. Interface 11 (2014)

Entangled communities and spatial synchronization lead to criticality in urban traffic

G. Petri, P. Expert, H. J. Jensen, J. W. Polak
Scientific Reports Article number:1798 (2013)

Data reliability in complex directed networks

J. Sanz, E. Cozzo, Y. Moreno
Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment P12008 (2013)

Generalized synchronization in relay systems with instantaneous coupling

R. Gutiérrez, R. Sevilla-Escoboza, P. Piedrahita, C. Finke, U. Feudel, J. M. Buldú, G. Huerta-Cuellar, R. Jaimes-Reátegui, Y. Moreno, S. Boccaletti
Phys. Rev. E 88 (2013)

Contact-based social contagion in multiplex networks

E. Cozzo, R. Baños, S. Meloni, Y. Moreno
Phys. Rev. E 88, (2013)

Mathematical formulation of multi-layer networks

M. De Domenico, A. Solé-Ribalta, E. Cozzo, M. Kivela, Y. Moreno, M. A. Porter, S. Gomez, A. Arenas
Phys. Rev. X 3 (2013)

Modeling temporal network using random itineraries

A. Barrat, B. Fernandez, K. Lin, L. Young
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Topological strata of weighted complex networks

G. Petri, M. Scolamiero, I. Donato, F. Vaccarino
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A new family of algebras whose representation schemes are smooth

A. Ardizzoni, F. Galluzzi, F. Vaccarino
Annales de l'Institut Fourier 66/3 (2013)

Singularities in ion trap nonlinear coherent states

F. Raffa, M. Rasetti, M. Genovese
Physics Letters A 376, 4 (2012)

On the origin of the hierarchy of color names

V. Loreto, A. Mukherjee, F. Tria
PNAS 109(18) (2012)

Random walks on temporal networks

M. Starnini, A. Baronchelli, A. Barrat, R. Pastor-Satorras
Physical Review E 85 (2012)

Peierls Distortion and Quantum Solitons

C. Marletto, M. Rasetti
Physical Review Letters 109 / 12 (2012)

Stationary growth and unique invariant harmonic measure of cylindrical DLA

G. Marchetti, A. Taloni, E. Caglioti, V. Loreto, L. Pietronero
Physical Review Letters 109 (2012)

Consensus clustering in complex networks

A. Lancichinetti, S. Fortunato
Scientific Reports 2 (2012)

Physics peeks into the ballot box

S. Fortunato, C. Castellano
Physics Today 65 (October 2012) (2012)

Random walks and search in time-varying networks

N. Perra, A. Baronchelli, D. Moncanu, B. Gonçalves, R. Pastor-Satorras, A. Vespignani
Physical Review Letters 109 (2012)

Understanding mobility in a social petri dish

M. Szell, R. Sinatra, G. Petri, S. Thurner, V. Latora
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Combinatorial resolutions of multigraded modules and multipersistent homology

W. Chacholski, M. Scolamiero, F. Vaccarino
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Networks and cycles: a persistent homology approach to complex networks

G. Petri, M. Scolamiero, I. Donato, F. Vaccarino
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Language Dynamics

A. Baronchelli, V. Loreto, F. Tria
Editorial for a Special Issue in Advances in Complex Systems 15(3 & 4) (2012)

Exploring complex networks by means of adaptive walkers

L. Prignano, Y. Moreno, A. Dìaz-Guilera
Physical Review E 86: 066166 (2012)

Exploring the Roles of Complex Networks in Linguistic Categorization

T. Gong, A. Baronchelli, A. Puglisi, V. Loreto
Artificial Life 18(1) (2012)

Phylogenetic properties of RNA viruses

S. Pompei, V. Loreto, F. Tria
PLoS ONE 7 (2012)

Naming a structured world: a cultural route to duality of patterning

F. Tria, B. Galantucci, V. Loreto
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Activity driven modeling of time-varying networks

N. Perra, B. Gonçalves, R. Pastor-Satorras, A. Vespignani
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Why are basic color names basic?

A. Mukherjee, V. Loreto, F. Tria
Advances in Complex Systems 15 (3 & 4) (2012)

Complex structures and semantics in free word association

P. Gravino, V. Servedio, A. Barrat, V. Loreto
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Citation Networks

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Decimation of fast states and and weak nodes: topological variation through persistent homology

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Fisica generale. Meccanica

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Information filtering in weighted complex networks

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Complex networks and glassy dynamics: walks in the energy landscape

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Blind separation of manufacturing variability with independent component analysis: A convolutive approach

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Microscopic description of 2D topological phases, duality and 3D state sums

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The Nature Description in Quantum Field Theory: Open Problems and Epistemological Perspective

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Braiding and Entanglement in Spin Networks: a combinatorial approach to topological phases

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