Nicola Perra



Addressing the socioeconomic divide in computational modeling for infectious diseases

M. Tizzoni, E. O. Nsoesie, L. E. Gauvin, M. Karsai, N. Perra, S. Bansal
Nature Communication 13, 2897 (2022)

Infodemics: A new challenge for public health

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Cell 184 (25) (2021)

Cryptic transmission of SARS-CoV-2 and the first COVID-19 wave

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Nature (2021)

The importance of non-pharmaceutical interventions during the COVID-19 vaccine rollout

N. Gozzi, P. Bajardi, N. Perra
PLoS Computational Biology 17(9): e1009346 (2021)

Self-initiated behavioral change and disease resurgence on activity-driven networks

N. Gozzi, M. Scudeler, D. Paolotti, A. Baronchelli, N. Perra
Physical Review E 104, 014307 (2021)

Estimating the effect of social inequalities on the mitigation of COVID-19 across communities in Santiago de Chile

N. Gozzi, M. Tizzoni, M. Chinazzi, L. Ferres, A. Vespignani, N. Perra
Nature Communications 12:2429 (2021)

Collective Response to Media Coverage of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Reddit and Wikipedia: Mixed-Methods Analysis

N. Gozzi, M. Tizzani, M. Starnini, F. Ciulla, D. Paolotti, A. Panisson, N. Perra
Journal of Medical Internet Research 22 (10) (2020)

Towards a data-driven characterization of behavioral changes induced by the seasonal flu

N. Gozzi, D. Perrotta, D. Paolotti, N. Perra
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Phase transitions in information spreading on structured populations

J. Davis, N. Perra, Q. Zhang, Y. Moreno, A. Vespignani
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Explore with caution: mapping the evolution of scientific interest in Physics

A. Aleta, S. Meloni, N. Perra, Y. Moreno
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Spreading of computer viruses on time-varying networks

T. Brett, G. Loukas, Y. Moreno, N. Perra
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Charting the Next Pandemic: Modeling Infectious Disease Spreading in the Data Science Age

A. Pastore Y Piontti, N. Perra, L. Rossi, N. Samay, A. Vespignani, C. Gioannini, B. Goncalves, M. C. Gomes
Springer International Publishing (2018)

Resilience management during large-scale epidemic outbreaks

E. Massaro, A. Ganin, N. Perra, I. Linkov, A. Vespignani
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Combining Participatory Influenza Surveillance with Modeling and Forecasting: Three Alternative Approaches

J. S. Brownstein, S. Chu, A. Marathe, M. V. Marathe, A. T. Nguyen, D. Paolotti, N. Perra, D. Perrotta, M. Santillana, S. Swarup, M. Tizzoni, A. Vespignani, A. K. Vullikanti, M. L. Wilson, Q. Zhang
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Forecasting Seasonal Influenza Fusing Digital Indicators and a Mechanistic Disease Model

Q. Zhang, N. Perra, D. Perrotta, M. Tizzoni, D. Paolotti, A. Vespignani
Proceeding of the 26th International Conference on World Wide Web (WWW) (2017)

Asymptotic theory of time-varying social networks with heterogeneous activity and tie allocation

E. Ubaldi, N. Perra, M. Karsai, A. Vezzani, R. Burioni, A. Vespignani
Scientific Reports 6: 35724. (2016)

The dynamics of information-driven coordination phenomena: A transfer entropy analysis

J. Borge-Holthoefer, N. Perra, B. Gonçalves, S. González-Bailón,, A. Arenas, Y. Moreno, A. Vespignani
Science Advances 2, 4 (2016)

Social Data Mining and Seasonal Influenza Forecasts: The FluOutlook Platform

Q. Zhang, C. Gioannini, D. Paolotti, N. Perra, D. Perrotta, M. Quaggiotto, M. Tizzoni, A. Vespignani
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Time varying networks and the weakness of strong ties

M. Karsai, N. Perra, A. Vespignani
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Damage detection via shortest-path network sampling

F. Ciulla, N. Perra, A. Baronchelli, A. Vespignani
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Controlling Contagion Processes in Activity Driven Networks

S. Liu, N. Perra, M. Karsai, A. Vespignani
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The infection tree of global epidemics

A. Pastore Y Piontti, M. Ferreira da Costa Gomes, N. Samay, N. Perra, A. Vespignani
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Controlling Contagion Processes in Time-Varying Networks

N. Perra, S. Liu, M. Karsai, A. Vespignani
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Characterizing scientific production and consumption in Physics

Q. Zhang, N. Perra, B. Gonçalves, F. Ciulla, A. Vespignani
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Walking and searching in time-varying networks

N. Perra, A. Baronchelli, D. Moncanu, B. Gonçalves, R. Pastor-Satorras, A. Vespignani
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The Twitter of Babel: Mapping World Languages through Microblogging Platforms

D. Moncanu, A. Baronchelli, N. Perra, B. Gonçalves, Q. Zhang, A. Vespignani
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Beating the news using social media: the case study of American Idol

F. Ciulla, D. Moncanu, A. Baronchelli, B. Gonçalves, N. Perra, A. Vespignani
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Random walks and search in time-varying networks

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Real-time numerical forecast of global epidemic spreading: case study of 2009 A/H1N1pdm

M. Tizzoni, P. Bajardi, C. Poletto, J. J. Ramasco, D. Balcan, B. Gonçalves, N. Perra, V. Colizza, A. Vespignani
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Activity driven modeling of time-varying networks

N. Perra, B. Gonçalves, R. Pastor-Satorras, A. Vespignani
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Towards a Characterization of Behavior-Disease Models

N. Perra, D. Balcan, B. Gonçalves, A. Vespignani
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Seasonal transmission potential and activity peaks of the new influenza A(H1N1): a Monte Carlo likelihood analysis based on human mobility

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Estimate of Novel Influenza A/H1N1 cases in Mexico at the early stage of the pandemic with a spatially structured epidemic model

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Modeling the critical care demand and antibiotics resources needed during the Fall 2009 wave of influenza A(H1N1) pandemic

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Modeling vaccination campaigns and the Fall/Winter 2009 activity of the new A(H1N1) influenza in the Northern Hemisphere

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