Tiago P. Peixoto wins the 2019 Erdős–Rényi Prize

University of Bath Assistant Professor in Applied Mathematics and ISI Foundation researcher Tiago P. Peixoto is the winner of the 2019 Network Science Society Erdős–Rényi Prize. Peixoto, who is a theoretical physicist interested in network science, has been awarded “for groundbreaking contributions to the statistical analysis and visualization of networks, including efficient and principled inference algorithms based on the stochastic block model, and compression and prediction of richly annotated or hierarchical structures”. He succeeds to Aaron Clauset (2016), Vittoria Colizza (2017) and Danielle S. Bassett (2018).

Erdős–Rényi Prize is awarded every year (since 2012) by the Network Science Society  to a selected young scientist (under 40) for their research achievements in the area of network science. While the achievements can be both theoretical and experimental, the prize is aimed at emphasizing outstanding contributions relevant to the interdisciplinary progress of network science. The 2019 award has been officially announced at the  NetSci International School and Conference on Network Science in Burlington, Vermont, USA.