Nomination of the ISI Fellows 2013 - June 27th 2013

“Science is constantly evolving in order to expand human knowledge and foster individual and social wellness. To succeed it draws on its history, plans for its future and celebrates its being. The Being of Science.”

The Institute for Scientific Interchange (ISI) Foundation is glad to announce the first round of the ISI-fellow program. This unique award program select top scholars to be as external member of the ISI research community in order to collaborate on scientific problems, that goes across disciplines, defining scientific endeavors spanning research areas from math, physics, and biology to the social sciences and the humanities – in the pursuit of breaking new grounds at the forefront of complex systems and networks science, data and computational science, information technologies,  quantum and statistical physics.

The ISI fellows are awarded this title for three years along with funding support to spend visiting period at the ISI foundation and foster the collaboration with the ISI resident scientists. ISI fellows are selected according to their scientific excellence and synergy with the scientific activities carried within the Institute.

One of the ISI core missions is the promotion of scientific research within the international cooperation, fostering the creation of research groups and of innovative and interdisciplinary labs, with a special focus on the science of complex systems. The ISI-fellow program stresses the vision of science as a no-frontier, global endeavor and aims at establishing and fostering a leadership network of researchers, providing new training opportunities and allowing a knowledge acceleration on many of the complex problems faced by our modern world.

On June  27th, 2013, within the celebrations of the Lagrange Prize and ISI Foundation’s 30th anniversary, ten scientists were awarded the ISI Fellowship 2013.

The official investiture took place on June 28th, 2013, during the conference “The Being of Science”, which was specifically set up for them to depict  their research fields, and the way they intertwine with the ISI scientific activities.

The ISI Foundation proudly announces that the ISI Fellows 2013 are:

·     Boris Altshuler,  Columbia University, USA ·     Dirk BrockmannNorthwestern University, USA ·     Guido CaldarelliIMT Alti Studi Lucca, Italy ·     John EdmundsLondon School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK ·     Seth LloydMassachussetts Institute of Technology, USA ·     Duccio MediniNovartis Vaccines & Diagnostics, Italy ·     Filippo MenczerIndiana University, USA ·     Yamir MorenoUniversity of Zaragoza, Spain ·     Frank SchweitzerETH Zurich, Switzerland ·      Paolo ZanardiUniversity of Southern California, USA