Molecular quantum entanglement

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

03:00 p.m.

ISI seminar room 2nd floor

T. Farrow, R. Taylor, V. Vedral (Clarendon Laboratory, UK)

Quantum entanglement, also known as quantum coherence, can in principle be generated between several organic molecules by carefully interfering their photoluminescence spectra. Major milestones have been achieved in the last 10 years showcasing entanglement in diverse systems including ions, cold atoms, superconductors, photons, quantum dots and NV-centres in diamond, but not yet in molecules.

We will present a protocol for entangling two organic molecules embedded in novel tuneable optical microcavities fabricated in-house , and will suggest how this could potentially be scaled up to create entanglement between several pairs of molecules in microcavity arrays. We will present results showing coupling between single molecules and the optical modes of our microcavities. This step will enable the realization of our entanglement protocol.

Remarkable experiments in the last 20 years, have characterised the behaviour of single molecules integrated in crystalline matrices. The availability of suitable organic molecules with two-level energy structures characterised by sharp and intense emission lines are properties that position them as candidates for encoding quantum bits.

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