Meet the ISI Fellows 2017!

Within the celebrations of the tenth Premio Lagrange – Fondazione CRT, awarded to physicist and network neuroscience pioneer Danielle Bassett, ISI Foundation is proud to announce the scientists who will join the fifth round of the ISI Fellow program.

They are:

Andrea Baronchelli (City University of London, London, UK, @a_baronca 
Paolo Ciuccarelli (Politecnico di Milano, Milano, Italy, @pciuccarelli 
Nicola Perra (Greenwich University, London, UK)
Samuel Scarpino (Northeastern University, Boston, USA, @svscarpino
Roberta Sinatra (Central European University, Budapest, Hungary, @robysinatra 

ISI Fellow program selects top scholars to be external members of the ISI Foundation research community, in order to collaborate on scientific problems that span across disciplines (math, physics, biology, social sciences, humanities) in the pursuit of breaking new grounds at the forefront of complex systems and network science, data and computational science, information technologies, computational epidemiology & public health, and statistical physics.

ISI Fellows are selected according to their scientific excellence and synergy with the scientific activities carried within the ISI Foundation and they are awarded this title for three years, along with funding support to spend visiting period at the ISI Foundation and foster the collaboration with ISI resident scientists.

Wednesday 25th October, new ISI Fellows joined Massimo Lapucci (General Secretary of Fondazione CRT), Mario Rasetti (ISI Foundation President), Ciro Cattuto (ISI Foundation Scientific Director) and guest scientists Olaf Sporns, Ricardo Baeza-Yates and Foster Provost at Science Crossroads, a meeting focused on one of the greatest challenge of complexity and network science in the digital era: the extraction of relevant informations from data sources.