ISI Foundation researchers join NetSci 2017, International School and Conference on Network Science

NetSci 2017 is an international conference that brings together leading researchers and practitioners working in the emerging area of network science. Organized by the Network Science Society and held from June 19 to June 23 at the JW Marriott Indianapolis in downtown Indianapolis, the conference fosters interdisciplinary communication and collaboration across computer and information sciences, physics, mathematics, statistics, the life sciences, neuroscience, environmental sciences, social sciences, finance and business, arts and design.

A combination of Satellite Symposia (June 19 & 20), an International School for students and non-experts (June 19 & 20) and a 3-day Conference (June 21-23) including keynote and invited talks, oral presentations, posters, and lightning talks, NetSci 2017 will be joined by several ISI Foundation scientists, presenting their recent research work:

- ISI Scientific Director Ciro Cattuto is among the Program Committee Co-Chairs, he will co-organize the Machine Learning in Network Science satellite (featuring a talk by ISI Principal Researcher Laetitia Gauvin on “Tensor-based methods for temporal networks”, Monday June 19), and he will chair the parallel session on Social Systems (Thursday June 22);
- ISI Scientific Advisory Board Vice-Chair Alessandro Vespignani will give a lecture on “Contagion and Spreading Processes on Networks” at the NetSci International School (Monday June 19) and he will chair the parallel session on Diffusion and Epidemics II (Wednesday June 21);
- ISI Research Leader Vittoria Colizza is in the Senior Program Committee, she will chair the parallel session on Diffusion and Epidemics I (Wednesday June 21), and she will present a talk about “Vulnerability of livestock trade networks to epidemics” (Diffusion and Epidemics II, Wednesday June 21);
- On Tuesday June 20, ISI Principal Researcher Giovanni Petri will join the HONS2017 – Higher-Order Models in Networks Science satellite, with a talk about “Structure and evolution of topological brain scaffolds” (in the same meeting, Jean-Gabriel Young will present the paper “Construction of and efficient sampling from the simplicial configuration model”, co-authored by Petri, ISI Senior Researcher Francesco Vaccarino and ISI PhD Student Alice Patania). Petri will also give a lightning talk on “Conserved homological cores of structural and functional brain networks across age” (Wednesday June 21) and he will join the parallel session on New Applications with a talk about “Diminishing returns with size for parallel computation capacity of neural architectures” (Thursday June 22);
- Network Neuroscience satellite (LINK ), on Tuesday June 20, will feature two talks by ISI Researcher Esther Ibañez–Marcelo (“Global homological conservation versus local reorganization of the psychedelic brain”) and by Alice Patania (“Topological co-expression networks capture spatial and gene-gene interactions”);
- ISI Researcher Tiago Peixoto will present a talk about “Nonparametric Bayesian inference of the microcanonical stochastic block model” on parallel session Community I (Friday June 23);
- Several ISI Foundation researchers will join the poster session, with works presented ISI Researcher Mariano Gastón Beiró (“Malls As Social Class Enablers Or Barriers? The Case of Santiago de Chile”), by Laetitia Gauvin (“A tensor decomposition-based method for temporal networks with partial information”, co-authored by Ciro Cattuto) and by Esther Ibañez–Marcelo (“Localized homological reorganization of brain functional scaffolds after LSD administration”, co-authored by Francesco Vaccarino and Giovanni Petri);
- Giovanni Petri, Tiago Peixoto, ISI Senior Researcher Alain Barrat, and ISI Principal Researcher Michele Tizzoni are in the conference program committee.

NetSci 2017, International School and Conference on Network Science, Indianapolis (Indiana, US), June 19-23, 2017. Link: