ISI Foundation at CCS2016 – Conference on Complex Systems

From 19 to 22 September, Amsterdam (The Netherlands) is hosting CCS2016 – Conference on Complex Systems. Organized by the Complex Systems Society, CCS is one of the major global scientific events on the field of complexity: an international conference that gathers researchers from all the world, with an interdisciplinary approach and a rich schedule of keynote talks, satellite meetings, parallel & poster sessions.

As usual, ISI Foundation is joining CCS with its scientists & teams, beginning with the participation at the CCS Warm-Up, a pre-conference training school organized by the Young Researchers Network on Complex Systems and the Southampton Doctoral Training Centre in Complex Systems Simulation, held from 16 to 18 September in Amsterdam, with ISI Principal Researcher Giovanni Petri in the organizing committee and ISI Research Leader Francesco Bonchi among the invited speakers.

In the CCS2016 main program, ISI Foundation will have a substantial role in the satellite sessions, with three full-day meeting organized by its researchers. On tuesday 20, Delve 2016 – Digital, epidemiology and surveillance” will gather experts from physics, computer science, biology, epidemiology, public health, information technologies, social science to explore novel data streams and new technologies for global health threats. The satellite is organized by ISI Research Leader Daniela Paolotti, ISI Principal Researcher Michele Tizzoni and ISI Chair of Scientific Board Alessandro Vespignani (Northeastern University) and among invited speakers is ISI Fellow Marcel Salathé (Ecole Polytechnique Federal Lausanne, Switzerland).

In the same day, Determinants of Creativity and Innovation in Science, Art and Technology” will invite scientists from many different disciplines to address fundamental questions about how people express their creativity and innovate both at the individual and collective levels. Organized by the Kreyon Project, funded by the John Templeton Foundation and supported by Sapienza University of Rome, ISI Foundation and CNR-Institute For Complex Systems, the satellite is coordinated by ISI Research Leader Vittorio Loreto (Sapienza University of Rome), ISI Researchers Pietro Gravino and Bernardo Monechi, Ilan Chabay (Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, Potsdam, Germany), Vito D. P. Servedio (CNR Institute for Complex Systems, Rome, Italy) and ISI Associated Researcher Francesca Tria (Sapienza University of Rome). Among speakers is ISI Fellow Raffaella Burioni (Physics Department of the University of Parma).

Wednesday 21 is the day of Contagion '16. At its fifth edition, this satellite will explore how – in case of a disease epidemic – the availability of large set of technological tools and methods helps to characterize in detail the host population, its demographics, interactions and mobility patterns, allowing to achieve a fundamental and comprehensive understanding of the epidemic and to provide critical information for its prediction, prevention and control. The satellite is organized by ISI Research Leader Vittoria Colizza (Inserm & UPMC, Paris, France), ISI Fellow Yamir Moreno (Institute for Biocomputation and Physics of Complex Systems, University of Zaragoza, Spain) and Chiara Poletto (Inserm & UPMC, Paris, France). ISI Senior Researcher Alain Barrat (Center of Theoretical Physics, CNRS Marseille, France) is joining the meeting as invited speaker.

In the Parallel Sessions of CCS2016, ISI Foundation researchers and PhD students will present many of their most recent scientific works. Presentations will involve Lorenzo Argante (Biology Session 7), Alain Barrat (Foundations Session 5), Zoe Budrikis (Biology Session 5, Biology Session 8), Ciro Cattuto (Foundations Session 11), Pietro Coletti (Biology Session 4), Vittoria Colizza (Socio-Ecology Session 1, Biology Session 4, Foundations Session 3, Foundations & Biology Session 1, Socio-Ecology Session 2), Laetitia Gauvin (Foundations Session 2, Physics Session 1, Foundations Session 11), Pietro Gravino (Cognition and Socio-Ecology Session 1, Urban Session 5), Vittorio Loreto (Cognition and Socio-Ecology Session 1, Urban Session 5, Cognition & ICT & Socio-Ecology Session 1), Bernardo Monechi (Cognition and Socio-Ecology Session 1, Urban Session 5, Cognition & ICT & Socio-Ecology Session 1), Alice Patania (Biology Session 8), Giovanni Petri (Biology Session 8), Anna Sapienza (Foundations Session 2, Foundations Session 11), Michele Tizzoni (Biology Session 7), Francesco Vaccarino (Biology Session 8), Stefano Zapperi (Biology Session 5, Biology Session 8). A detailed schedule is available at

During the conference, winners of the 2016 edition of CSS Senior & Junior Scientific Awards will be announced. On the final day, ISI Fellow and President of the Complex Systems Society Yamir Moreno will chair the speech of the CSS Senior Scientific Awardees.

CCS2016 – Conference on Complex Systems, Amsterdam (The Netherlands), 19-22 September 2016. Info: